March 30, 2023


  Greetings in the name of our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for your support and we were able to send $1500.00 to each of the 7 Ministries in Israel last fall. We have been receiving, thank you's even until last month, for the blessing that the money was in helping meet the needs they face. So we are making the month of April a fund raising month and all the money received will go to the following Ministries:


Here are the seven Ministries:


Heart of God Ministry with Richard and Carolyn Hyde

Tree of Life Ministry with Ariel and Shayla Hyde

Jerusalem Assembly House of Redemption with Pastor Meno Kalisher

King of Kings Congregation in Jerusalem with Pastor Chad Holland

Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifi with Pastor Daniel Sayag

Adoni Roi, The Lord is My Shepherd, in Tel Aviv with Pastor Nati and Sara Silverman

Dugit Ministries with Pastor Avi and Chaya Mizrach


The National magazines such as Decision, Israel My Glory and Lamplighter have all had articles recently pointing to the Rapture of the Church and God once again put Israel in the center of His program. I challenge each of you to put Israel in the center of your prayers and giving. All money received from April 1, to April 31 will be divided between the seven Ministries.


Send your checks to,

“To The Jew First Society”

P.O. Box 365, Noblesville, In. 46061.


All gifts are tax deductible and no money is withheld for expenses.


Until He Comes,

Neil Horn, Director ttjfs