The “To The Jew First Society” was started as the “Hamilton County Missionary Society”.  We are a 501c tax exempt society approved by the Internal Revenue Service.  Money given to the Society is deductible for your tax purposes.  This all became effective January 5, 2009.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah to all people. To serve as a channel through which believers in Messiah who are suffering persecution can be helped to reach out to suffering believers who are in danger and are being forced into poverty because of their faith. To communicate with committed and potential sponsors concerning specific areas of need which would benefit from their financial support. To distribute fund’s contributed by donor’s to help those who are suffering because of their faith.

The purpose of the $30.00 annual membership fee is to take care of all details of running a not-for-profit organization. When projects are set before the Society membership from a strategic perspective all funds collected for that project will go toward the mission for which they were given and no fees or percentages for administration deducted. We want up front for people to know their money is going to the project for which it was collected.

Setting Priorities

The successful Christian life is built on setting proper priorities, Bible reading, prayer, and being part of a fellowship where God's Word is taught and respected is all part of a path to spiritual maturity which should be the goal of every true member of the family of God.  This is a general view and not a detailed outline. I challenge you to consider that as the coming of Christ for the Church draws closer and the nation of Israel and  Jewish people once more take center stage on the world scene we should look at our priorities.  Prayerfully consider your attitude and the attitude of the group of believers you are part of in relationship to God's plan for the Jewish people.  Remember in the Book of Romans, the doctrinal Book for the Church age, that chapter 11 is the future of Israel and Romans 11:26 will be fulfilled.