Our Responsibility

The Apostle Paul was used by God the Holy Spirit to spread the good news of the Church. Many in the early days of the Church suffered greatly and this is simply a matter of history. In all of his travels the Apostle Paul only collected money for one group and that according to I Corinthians more

World Events

We are challenged in Psalm 122:6 to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem". In view of world events annd what is happening in the Middle East this challenge to pray is even more critical.

The Jerusalem Post reported that snipers from Gaza opened fire on Israeli civilian vehicles at the more

Israel is God's Alarm Bell

The alarm bells of God's prophetic Word are ringing and it's time for the family of God to start listening. In our life time Israel has become a nation. The first time in human history a nation has been out of their land for 2,000 years and has returned to once again be a recognized nation more